Cornell faculty are reaching across disciplines to tackle society’s most complex challenges and to make breakthrough discoveries. These radical collaborations—collisions of thoughts and perspectives from vastly different fields—lead to unexpected and unconventional solutions and deepen our thinking.

Radical Collaborators

Infection Biology

Immunologist Avery August focuses on immune cell responses to antigens, including potential treatments for asthma and other chronic conditions.

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Susan McCouch

Digital Agriculture

Rice geneticist Susan McCouch advances molecular breeding strategies, including the first published map of the rice genome.

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Nanoscale Science

Physicist Paul McEuen focuses on the fabrication and study of nanostructures for use in electronics, optics and other fields.

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Genome Biology

Chemist Rick Cerione studies biological mechanisms involved in cell growth and differentiation, with particular emphasis on cancer progression.

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Critical Inquiry into Values, Imagination and Culture

Classicist Verity Platt examines the historiography of ancient cultures, including Greek and Roman civilizations.

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Radical Collaboration

Radical collaboration: spanning disciplines and fueling new discoveries