Cornell faculty are reaching across disciplines to tackle society’s most complex challenges and to make breakthrough discoveries. These radical collaborations—collisions of thoughts and perspectives from vastly different fields—lead to unexpected and unconventional solutions and deepen our thinking.

Radical Collaborators

Infection Biology

Immunologist Avery August focuses on immune cell responses to antigens, including potential treatments for asthma and other chronic conditions.

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Jeremy Braddock

Critical Inquiry Into Values, Imagination and Culture

Jeremy Braddock specializes in the production and reception of literary modernism in the United States.

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Design + Technology

Jenny E. Sabin’s work is at the forefront of a new direction for 21st-century architectural practice.

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Quantum Science and Technology

Eun-Ah Kim’s interests lie in the theoretical study of the collective phenomena condensed matter systems exhibit.

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David M. Lodge is one of the world’s leading experts on invasive species and an internationally recognized conservation biologist.

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Radical Collaboration

Radical collaboration: spanning disciplines and fueling new discoveries